A series of collaborative works by US choreographer Robert Tyree and Romanian poet Andra Rotaru.

Lemur performance, Portland 2013
Andra Rotaru reading from Lemur before Bucharest performance
Andra Rotaru reading Lemur

2013 lemur performances

PDX: Studio 2

NYC: Performance Mix at The Flea Theater

BUCHAREST: ZonaD – studio Paradis Serial

VIENNA: Raw Matters

Released November 2012

2012 lemur study

A three-hour movement-based installation toward the choreo-poetic character Lemur.

2012 xxxxx:ptolirwysetwtolirwws

Solo performance in which choreography is made of the aural attributes of Andra Rotaru reading one of her poems. An articulation of spoken Romanian in movement, one line at a time.

2012 prototype:xxxxx

Dance for video. A collaboration with videographer Dicky Dahl and Romanian poet Andra Rotaru. Editing by Tyree.

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