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Primary Artist

2015 a solo

A minimal meditation on labor, repetition and  composure—with cheer.

2013 lemur

Solo dance performance of choreo-poetic character Lemur. A collaboration with Romanian poet Andra Rotaru.

2012 lemur study

A three-hour movement-based installation toward the choreo-poetic character Lemur. A collaboration with Romanian poet Andra Rotaru.

2012 xxxxx:ptolirwysetwtolirwws

A five-minute dance solo choreographed to coincide, line by line, with the aural attributes of a single poem by Romanian collaborator Andra Rotaru.

2011 all-night dance

Durational intensive dance performance embedded within a participatory dance floor. 8pm-7am, full production.

2011 nuthin wrong

In underwear in the Portland Art Museum, a solo transduction of classic acid house into movement and light.

2011 all-night dance from 10:45-11:00

Solo in an empty semi truck with live musician, Avalon Kalin, playing a Roland 909 drum machine.

2011 poster performance

A poster designed to be a performance. Re-imagination of ImPulzTanz imagery, taped to the floor of a busy hallway for one week.

2010 please and thank you

Ensemble production in a visual arts space. Voice + movement with Bonnie Green & Danielle Ross.


front  2009+

A newspaper devoted to dialogues in contemporary dance

arts journalism  2009+

Performance writing for Claudia La Rocco’s Performance Club, PICA, White Bird Dance + Ultrapdx

intensive dance  2011

Discos with Deleuze, lofting with Lacan—basically club dancing meets critical theory

all-night dance program  2011

An informative study on the viability of safe, legal all-night dance practices in the United States


 prototype:xxxxx  2012

Dance for video. A collaboration with videographer Dicky Dahl and Romanian poet Andra Rotaru. Editing by Tyree

.net  2012

Portfolio video. Editing by Tyree

on the edge  2011

Improv with iPhone during gallery hours


2015 (un)made

Artistic Director: Linda Austin

2014 duet love

Artistic Director: Tahni Holt

2012 i can’t help it + the wheel

Artistic Directors: The Miracles Club


Artistic Director: Tahni Holt

2011 loose hands lunging

Artistic Director: Lucy Yim

2010 home/body

Artistic Director: Danielle Ross

2010 culture machine

Artistic Director: Tahni Holt

2010 gaggadonna

Artistic Director: Kaj-anne Pepper

2010 paired spectacular

Artistic Director: Linda Austin

2010 light that lingers

Artistic Director: Meshi Chavez

2010 afghan dance

Artistic Directors: Posie Kalin and Rebecca Steele


Artistic Director: Tahni Holt