Primary Artist

2015 a solo

A minimal meditation on labor, repetition and composure—with cheer.

2013 lemur

Solo dance performance of choreo-poetic character Lemur. A collaboration with Romanian poet Andra Rotaru.

2012 lemur study

A three-hour movement-based installation toward the choreo-poetic character Lemur. A collaboration with Romanian poet Andra Rotaru.

2012 xxxxx:ptolirwysetwtolirwws

A five-minute dance solo choreographed to coincide, line by line, with the aural attributes of a single poem by Romanian collaborator Andra Rotaru.

2011 all-night dance

Durational dance performance embedded within a participatory dance floor. 8pm-7am, full production.

2011 nuthin wrong

In underwear in the Portland Art Museum, a solo transduction of classic acid house into movement and light.

2011 all-night dance from 10:45-11:00

Solo in an empty semi truck with live musician, Avalon Kalin, playing a Roland 909 drum machine.

2011 poster performance

A poster designed to be a performance. Re-imagination of ImPulzTanz imagery, taped to the floor of a busy hallway for one week.

2010 please and thank you

Ensemble production in a visual arts space. Voice + movement with Bonnie Green & Danielle Ross.


front  2009+

A newspaper devoted to dialogues in contemporary dance

arts journalism  2009+

Performance writing for Claudia La Rocco’s Performance Club, PICA, White Bird Dance + Ultrapdx

intensive dance  2011

Discos with Deleuze, lofting with Lacan—club dancing meets critical theory

all-night dance program  2011

An informative study on the viability of safe, legal all-night dance practices in the United States


.net  2012

A self-portrait, danced. Edited by Tyree

 prototype:xxxxx  2012

Dance for video. A collaboration with videographer Dicky Dahl and Romanian poet Andra Rotaru. Edited by Tyree

on the edge  2011

Improv with phone during gallery hours. Edited by Tyree


2015 (un)made

Artistic Director: Linda Austin

2014 duet love

Artistic Director: Tahni Holt

2012 i can’t help it + the wheel

Artistic Directors: The Miracles Club


Artistic Director: Tahni Holt

2011 loose hands lunging

Artistic Director: Lucy Yim

2010 home/body

Artistic Director: Danielle Ross

2010 culture machine

Artistic Director: Tahni Holt

2010 gaggadonna

Artistic Director: Kaj-anne Pepper

2010 paired spectacular

Artistic Director: Linda Austin

2010 light that lingers

Artistic Director: Meshi Chavez

2010 afghan dance

Artistic Directors: Posie Kalin and Rebecca Steele


Artistic Director: Tahni Holt