Postscript (TBA:12)

PERFORMANCE CLUB: TBA:12 has hit the road, but Portland’s still here. Wanna watch the dust settle? After 10 days waking up for the Time-Based Arts festival—bombing red lights on my bike to get less late for 10 a.m. workshops (or noon chats)—these past mornings have been sluggish. More heartbroken than hung-over, but admittedly a bit […]

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Time in Portland (TBA:12)

PERFORMANCE CLUB: For 10 days each of the last 10 Septembers, the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art’s Time-Based Arts Festival has run rampant in a city often peripheral to considerations of contemporary performance. TBA’s two nonstop 90-hour weeks draw a lot of committed people to get haggard and timely together; a break in Portland’s avowedly […]

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Yasmeen Godder: Love Fire

LOVE FIRE immediately declares how it intends to relate to its audience: brashly. There’s a man, a woman, a greatest hits collection of classical waltz music and a title I can’t read without a smirk. waltz – What does it make you think of? Probably something vaguely historic. There’s most likely traditional male and female […]

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You’d have to be in a really bad mood not to have a good time at Dark Matters, Crystal Pite’s widely-toured work for her Kidd Pivot company. It’s entertaining, spectacular and deftly constructed. The first hour flies by and flings you into intermission, while the second act plays with aspects of performance distinct from the […]