Five choreographers’ questions. One set of creative thinking tools. FRONT invited five leading US-based choreographers to reformat a period of artistic creation past into a series of questions now. The result is a publication with the spirit of a toolbox, through the lens of contemporary dance.

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BUOY OPENING LETTER For FRONT’s fourth edition, we trespass outside artistic production, asking the dark rich waters of process: What resources do communities self-engender to underwrite artistic inquiry? How is dance developed in the realms of privacy or friendship? What shines skulls and pelvic bowls diagonal from project-driven logics? When distinct roles elide, authorship blossoms […]

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Allie Hankins: Like a Sun That Pours Forth Light but Never Warmth

She just brought this today. Check this out: now it’s a bag! Obviously, I cannot hang this right now. And my musicians are not here. Allie Hankins who walks out resolutely told me Sunday. Idarubinstein-dancing-1913.jpg   “Nijinsky’s Golden Slave” by Kevin Kopelson in Dancing Desires—-> Ida Rubinstein danced with Nijinsky in Michel Fokine’s Schéhérazade (1910)——> […]

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Duet Love for Stance

The first time Tahni talked with me about the project that would become Duet Love, she had me hang my head off a bleacher. We had just finished a final rehearsal for her 2012 piece SUN$HINE. Laying there, the studio upside down, she instructed: “Take in the room, its depth, its volume, the lights, the […]

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Festival TDB: Emergency Glitter

The inaugural Festival TBD ran July 24-28th at Abrons Art Center/Henry Street Settlement. Fresh baked from a “city-wide heat emergency,” five summer nights on the Lower East Side unfolded Ben Pryor’s neatly creased Emergency Glitter, opening a “new amorphous framework…of loosely related curatorial endeavors, each with their own structure and context.” If you don’t know […]

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Trisha Brown Company

I took my seat for White Bird’s first show of the 2012-2013 Uncaged Series feeling quite the cynic—reluctantly as I really didn’t want to feel jaded about the Trisha Brown Dance Company, but despite myself as I’ve lost faith in major dance production. The Newmark Theatre is an awkward dance venue for Portland. The seating […]

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Postscript (TBA:12)

PERFORMANCE CLUB: TBA:12 has hit the road, but Portland’s still here. Wanna watch the dust settle? After 10 days waking up for the Time-Based Arts festival—bombing red lights on my bike to get less late for 10 a.m. workshops (or noon chats)—these past mornings have been sluggish. More heartbroken than hung-over, but admittedly a bit […]

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Time in Portland (TBA:12)

PERFORMANCE CLUB: For 10 days each of the last 10 Septembers, the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art’s Time-Based Arts Festival has run rampant in a city often peripheral to considerations of contemporary performance. TBA’s two nonstop 90-hour weeks draw a lot of committed people to get haggard and timely together; a break in Portland’s avowedly […]

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Yasmeen Godder: Love Fire

LOVE FIRE immediately declares how it intends to relate to its audience: brashly. There’s a man, a woman, a greatest hits collection of classical waltz music and a title I can’t read without a smirk. waltz – What does it make you think of? Probably something vaguely historic. There’s most likely traditional male and female […]

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You’d have to be in a really bad mood not to have a good time at Dark Matters, Crystal Pite’s widely-toured work for her Kidd Pivot company. It’s entertaining, spectacular and deftly constructed. The first hour flies by and flings you into intermission, while the second act plays with aspects of performance distinct from the […]


My Hijacked Weeks (TBA:11)

cloudy sunday just before seven is quiet. epically quiet Post-festival depression? During the festival, I’m consumed and don’t have time to properly be. I sleep too little, drink too much, nub excessive smokes and feel robbed of my direction. My aptitudes swept away by a world running beneath my feet. Sitting in a quiet room […]

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Maria Hassabi: SoloShow

When I heard Cathy Edwards got slack for “exhausting” us last year and read the Portland Mercury’s repeated, unintelligible flogging of Meg Stuart’s Maybe Forever (TBA:09), I was afraid that there might be no meat with our gravy in TBA:10. Fear assuaged. Maria Hassabi gives us something to chew on. SoloShow is challenging, expansive, and […]

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