Five choreographers’ questions

Biba Bell
Milka Djordjevich
Jessica Jobaris
Sara Shelton Mann
Taka Yamamoto

One set of creative thinking tools

FRONT invited five leading US-based choreographers to reformat a period of artistic creation past into a series of questions now. The result is a publication with the spirit of a toolbox, through the lens of contemporary dance.

Poets, body-based creatives, lateral thinkers, sacred typographers and curious folk—let’s generate.

Print edition opening letter

FRONT Ed. 05 reformats performance into questions. The choreographers in this edition were invited to revisit a period of artistic creation past and transform it into a series of questions now.

Thanks to Everybodys Toolbox, an online resource primarily active between 2005–2011, whose DEVIATION and FORMATTING TOOL served as a key reference: The idea with the formatting tool is that through actually displacing the production of work to a different media one can reach a different understanding of ideas which then again can be re-adapted to the media that one is finally interested in using.


Design by Justin Flood
Images by Chris Lael Larson + FRONT
Copywriting by Robert Tyree
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FRONT Ed.05 is supported by a grant from the Precipice Fund, part of the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts’ Regional Regranting Program, with additional support from the Calligram Foundation / Allie Furlotti. 

2 thoughts on “FRONT: ED05

  1. Hi,FRONT ED. 05 was created by Justin Flood, Danielle Ross and Robert Tyree.
    FRON-Tiers in human is me interests, limits of perception and consciousness, explored limit postural balance representation. The falls narrative is the practices with the horizontal ground reaction force, the scene possible “life” in narrative somatic (feet) sonorities, the same of sand dance .

    The mind body problem it-is Neuroaesthetic ? Basic horizontal plane soil environment with multiform postural balance’ positions. The movement into fail action process, the neuro control moving concept/ Eccentric interpretation dance on the general walking, locomotion disease is narrative on the world.

    • Balance and constraint gravity

    On earth, every living organism is subject to the inevitable laws of gravity. Numerous experimental evidence lead to the conclusion that the gravitational vector acts as a guide to the development of the organism.

    On, write : danseur excentrique (1.One that deviates markedly from an established norm, especially a person of odd or unconventional behavior. a. Not having the same center: eccentric circles. situated away from the centre or the axis)
    Categories: Uncategorized Artist body problem, answer of walk handicap ( on liquid soap).

    Cordially Jacques.

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